Media statement by Hannah Yeoh dated 25 April 2018

The latest and last-minute moving of goal posts by EC only cements the opposition’s suggestion that the government agencies have colluded to ensure BN remains in power.

Through impossible rules such as permits for campaign materials and the banning of Dr M’s images on Pakatan’s campaign materials, it aims to curtail his influence in GE14.

An impartial commission should not be meddling or deciding what goes on or off the parties’ campaign materials.

The blatant use of tactics to stop the opposition does not stop with EC alone as ROS has shown a distinct bias when handling the disputes concerning Umno and Bersatu’s registration statuses.

All this only goes to show that BN has no respect for laws that it cannot manipulate for its own survival. It does not respect fair play or fairness anymore.

And as such, it has lost the moral legitimacy to govern again.

Malaysians have tolerated much in the past. They have endured the corruption, the poor governance and the bad laws for far too long.

Malaysians must not suffer this anymore.

For to turn a blind eye to such injustice would be to collude with evil itself. I call upon every Malaysian to speak up in whatever way available and to vote against Barisan Nasional in every seat they are contesting. There is no other way.

Hannah Yeoh
Pakatan Harapan candidate for P117 Segambut