On 2 January 2013, my office discovered a case of fraud committed by a former staff in my office, Ms. Mukuntala Devi A/P Sivagamae who was terminated on 31 December 2012 due to poor performance. The fraud involves the forging of signature of a beneficiary of the “Senior Citizens Scheme”. Following an internal investigation and admission, I lodged a police report on 3 January 2013 against Ms. Devi. 

A comprehensive internal audit of Ms. Devi’s work in relation to the scheme led to the discovery of more cases of similar type of fraud. We called for and met up with the people affected and expressed our deepest regret that the incident has caused them disappointment and inconvenience. Upon verification that these 22 beneficiaries have not received the payment due to them, I immediately lodged a second police report against Ms. Devi on 10 January 2013. In the course of the audit, we have also discovered that some 95 forms relating to the scheme are missing from the office. This was followed by a third police report against Ms. Devi on 12 January 2013.

I view this incident very seriously and this has resulted in Ms. Devi being investigated by the police. I have submitted all relevant evidence to the police to assist them in their investigation. I stand committed in my pursuit of a clean and transparent office and will not tolerate any wrongdoing, especially if it is committed by any one of my staff.

Hannah Yeoh
ADUN Subang Jaya
15 January 2013