I refer to a statement made by caretaker Federal Territories Minister Tengku Adnan to a group of civil servants in Putrajaya today as reported by Malaysiakini. Tengku Adnan had alleged that the DAP is a chauvinist party where most of its leaders are evangelists. He was further reported to have also said that “If they (DAP) are Catholics I would believe them, but when they are evangelists, new Christians, this is the problem.”

It is appalling for Tengku Adnan, a federal minister to spread lies about the DAP and Christians. This is the very government which passed the anti-fake news law recently. This hypocrisy is the reason why Barisan Nasional cannot be entrusted with another term to govern and to brainwash civil servants with poisonous lies. It is no surprise we are where we are today as a nation because we have liars as Ministers.

Barisan Nasional is showing its true colours, so divisive and offensive. Tengku Adnan’s statement has hurt the DAP and the Christian community. As a Federal Minister, he should guard his mouth and not be careless with words. We await his apology.